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Aims and working fields of the XYLOBIOTECH platform


Cryopreservation (i.e. cryogenic storage at -196°C in liquid nitrogen or in vapour phase) allows to keep genetic resources under high safety condition at low cost for the long term. XYLOBIOTECH cryogermplasm is made of both wild and domesticated (bred) forest tree genetic resources; both being in its native state or as tissue culture material (clones and strains/lines/sublines) produced by applied or basic research projects.

According to the species and research/conservation approach, different kinds of plant material (zygotic or somatic embryos, dormant or growing buds, seeds, pollen, callus, cell suspension...) are frozen in liquid nitrogen, eventually after some pre-treatment. Samples can be thawed and reactivated through the most appropriated techniques on demand in order to restore the plant material in its original or improved state.

The cryogenic equipment of XYLOBIOTECH allows to treat and store ca. 38 000 samples witch are recorded in a dedicated database management system. Liquid nitrogen supply is optimized using a fully automatic vacuum pipeline including liquid nitrogen level and temperature monitoring inside the cryogenic tanks and external oxygen monitoring (preventing anoxy for people's safety).

A computerized cryogenic bath allows very precise controlled sample prefreezing from room temperature to -196°C.