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Aims and working fields of the XYLOBIOTECH platform
Hi-Tech Greenhouse for culture of young forest trees in controlled conditions


XYLOBIOTECH give an access to Hi-Tech glasshouse facilities located at FCBA Pierroton. The greenhouse of 400 m² allow the cultivation of plantlets and potted plants under controlled climatic conditions.

This greenhouse is particularly dedicated to hardening and early growth of plants produced through tissue culture until their transfer to standard greenhouse, outside nursery or field experiment/plantation.

A 140 m² greenhouse S2 section is fully equipped with the supplementary systems needed for secured and reliable cultivation of transgenic trees up to 3 meters high. Liquid effluents and solid waste (plant material, soil substrate) are captured and stored inside dedicated containers until neutralization by autoclaving (solid waste) or chlorination (liquid effluent) before being transferred outside the S2 section.