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Aims and working fields of the XYLOBIOTECH platform


XYLOBIOTECH is offering a service for confocal microscopy using a Zeiss LSM 700 microscope equipped with a laser scanning system. The confocal microscope performs fluorescence measurements, create optical sections of samples and combine them into 3D image stacks.

Different views of the samples can be captured at multiple wavelengths. It allows also the use of fluorescence Perturbation Techniques to Study Mobility and Molecular Dynamics of Proteins in Live Cells (FRAP, Photoactivation, Photoconversion, FLIP).

The microscope is located at the histocytology lab of UMR BioForA, INRAE Centre Val de Loire (Orléans) which is dedicated to the study of wood formation (xylogenesis). This lab has recognized expertise in plant histology and microscopic studies of wood formation.

People in charge of this equipment are experts in plant anatomy. Methods and complementary equipments necessary for preparation of plant and wood samples for microscopical analysis are also made available to users.