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Aims and working fields of the XYLOBIOTECH platform
Reverse genetics


Reverse genetics is based on genetic transformation methods and tissue culture techniques to offer in receptive species a service for functional analysis of genes involved in traits of interest (growth & development, wood formation & quality, tolerance to abiotic stress, etc.).


Reverse genetics is studying the effect of modified gene expression (1 or more candidate genes) on cell, tissue, organ or plant phenotype (e.g. wood quality). This is a complementary approach to association genetics based on candidate gene information produce through the XYLOMICS technical facility. The main practical issue is to produce informative data for development of marker-assisted selection (MAS) or genome-wide selection (GWS).

The molecular and phenotypical analysis of transgenic cell lines and plants is producing critical information about the function of targeted candidate genes. XYLOBIOTECH proposed specific, secured lab and greenhouse facilities to create and analysed transgenic resources