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Aims and working fields of the XYLOBIOTECH platform


Closed project (2015-2018) involving ONF (coordination), INRA Orléans, INRA Pierroton and FCBA. Project supported by MAAF/DGAL, France.


Closed project (2015-2017) involving INRA Orléans (coordination), INRA Tours, University of Orléans (LBLGC), ONF and FCBA. Project supported by the Région Centre, France.


Closed project (2013-2017) involving 3 partners (AGPF-INRA orléans, LMGC Laboratoire de Mécanique et Génie Civil, ECOFOG UMR Ecologie des Forêts de Guyane). Coupled physiological and micro-mechanical approach on maturation stress generation in tension wood.


Ongoing project (2012-2020) involving 15 french partners (www.genius-project.fr) GENIUS is an ANR funded project gathering a consortium of 15 public & private partners. Its aim is to provide French researchers and plant breeders with state of the art know-how and the biological material for precise genome modifications in a variety of crop species, laying the basis for high throughput functional genomics and efficient plant breeding. INRA Orléans is a partner involved in the forest tree section.


Closed project (2012-2015) involving 20 partners (see the project site). The project (European Union's Seventh Framework Programme, FP7/2007-2013) aims at developing an integrated and multidiscplinary research on conifer genomics.

Trees For FutureTrees For Future

Closed project (2012-2015) involving 27 partners (www.trees4future.eu). Trees For Future is a european-funded project designed to integrate large research centres involved into development of genetic breeding and forestry.

Tree For Joules (34J) - Improving eucalypt and poplar wood properties for bioenergyTree For Joules (34J) - Improving eucalypt and poplar wood properties for bioenergy

Closed project (2011-2015) involving 12 partners in France, Spain, Portugal and Germany (see the project site). The project is coordinated by J. Grima-Pettenati (LRSV, University of Toulouse III/CNRS, France). The main objective of Tree For Joules is to develop molecular tools for efficient selection of new poplar and eucalypt varieties for production of biofuels in a wide range of pedoclimatic conditions.


Closed project (2011-2015) involving 4 INRA teams. The TROPIC project aims at studying photo and gravitropic processes and their interactions by an interdisciplinary approach in order to characterise, quantify and model, their contributions in the acquisition of tree shape in the context of irregular and mixed forests.


Closed project (2010-2013) involving 11 partners (http://www.scbi.uma.es/sustainpine).The main objective of this project was to increase the genomic resources for maritime pine and to provide both genetic and functionnal information for candidate genes involved in growth, wood formation, development and tolerance to abiotic stress.


Closed project (2008-2012) involving 15 partners (www.noveltree.eu/). The NovelTree project has been dedicated to the genetic breeding of forest trees.