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Aims and working fields of the XYLOBIOTECH platform


The XYLOBIOTECH platform combines the forest-biotech labs of INRAE Centre Val de Loire (UMR BioForA, Orléans) and FCBA (Cestas-Pierroton) which are dedicated to production, study and preservation of forest tree plant material for scientists, breeders, nurseries and people in charge of the conservation of wild plant genetic resources.

In order to meet these targets, XYLOBIOTECH develops biotech tools and offers a wide range of expertise and services : cryopreservation, tissue culture, reverse genetics (functional validation of genes) and molecular and phenotypical characterization of the resulting plant material (macro and micro phenotyping). XYLOBIOTECH operates in close collaboration with XYLOSYLVE and XYLOMIC.

XYLOBIOTECH is particularly dedicated to R&D projects but can also offer other genetic resource conservation activities or provide services for private companies. Service to users are mainly offered as integrated service entirely performed by the staff dedicated to the platform, user just providing initial plant material and receiving the products.

But there is room for the user's staff after appropriated information and learning. In any case, the use of XYLOBIOTECH equipment and/or service are subjected to a case-by-case preliminary study regarding technical, legal, administrative and funding condition for granting user's demand according to the conditions defined by the XYLOBIOTECH's support teams and the user comity together.

Eucalyptus vitroplantsEucalyptus vitroplants

Cold-tolerant, micropropagated eucalyptus variety (Eucalyptus gundal). Vitroplants are ready for acclimatization in the glasshouse.