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Equipments of XYLOBIOTECH platform


XYLOBIOTECH is supporting both previous equipments from support teams and new equipments funded in the frame of the XYLOFOREST project.

Calorimeter (in link with XYLOCHEM)Calorimeter (in link with XYLOCHEM)

This calorimeter allows to measure the calorific power of wood chips (device operated in link with XYLOCHEM).

Oxymetric alarm systemOxymetric alarm system

An alarm system (GasGard XL, MSA) connected with 2 oxymetric probes is continuously measuring the oxygen level for stopping the liquid nitrogen flow (and indirectly the gaseous output) and alerting...

Tissue culture rooms (FCBA)Tissue culture rooms (FCBA)

The in vitro culture lab facility at FCBA is supporting 3 light growth rooms (including one rotative chamber), 1 dark culture room and 1 cold room (4°C) for plant/tissue storage.

Computerized cryogenic freezer with liquid nitrogen inputComputerized cryogenic freezer with liquid nitrogen input

The computerized cryogenic freezer (NH1044003, Air Liquide) uses liquide nitrogen input to pre-freeze biological samples following very precise temperature profile in order to avoid ice crystal...

Cryogenic facilityCryogenic facility

The cryogenic facility located at FCBA Pierroton is composed of 5 cryogenic tanks with automated filling for sample storage in vapour nitrogen (Arpège 170, Air Liquide) and 2 tanks for storage in...

Eletrotomograph (in link with XYLOSYLVE)Eletrotomograph (in link with XYLOSYLVE)

The electrotomography device allows to scan soil for water content (3D mapping). This equipment is operated in link with XYLOSYLVE.

Dessicator oven (in link with XYLOCHEM)Dessicator oven (in link with XYLOCHEM)

Dessicator oven allowing to estimate water content and to prepare wood samples for analysis by XYLOMIC, XYLOCHEM or other labs. This equipment also allows in vitro culture of plant material at dried...

Lab equipments dedicated to genetic transformationLab equipments dedicated to genetic transformation

Lab facility at FCBA (Genetic & Biotechnology team) dedicated to genetic transformation. This is a lab area with restricted access beneficiating from specific equipments for handling of genetic...

Software for 3D mapping of soil water content after electrotomography (in link with XYLOSYLVE)Software for 3D mapping of soil water content after electrotomography (in link with XYLOSYLVE)

Soil water content is estimated through 3-dimensional mapping using a software for analyzing electrotomography data. This XYLOBIOTECH equipment is operated in link with XYLOSYLVE.

Confocal laser scanning microscopeConfocal laser scanning microscope

The confocal laser scanning microscope (INRA Orleans) allows to analyze the location of chemical components and gene expression inside the plant cell wall using 3D imaging software (in situ...

Automatized greenhouse facilityAutomatized greenhouse facility

Automatized glasshouse for a total surface of 400 m² including 2 compartments (83 m² each) for standard acclimatization and management of vitroplants and 140 m² devoted to transgenic plant culture...