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XYLOBIOTECH governance and User Committee


The XYLOBIOTECH governance is jointly held by support teams from FCBA (BSA department) and INRAE Centre Val de Loire(UMR BioForA) as well as the User Committee. Meetings of the User Committee are organized on a yearly basis and at any time when needed (first meeting on November 26th 2013).

The User Committee includes representatives from the XYLOBIOTECH support teams as well as from public or private institutions that are either involved in the XYLOFOREST platform or are external users.

User Committee members

Unit/Institution/Enterprise Delegate
UMR BioForA (Integrated biology for the valuation of tree and forest diversity, INRAE Centre Val de Loire) - Olivet, Orléans F. Laurans
BSA (Biotech and advanced forestry Department, FCBA) - Pierroton

J.-F. Trontin

L. Harvengt

CRGF (Commission des Ressources Génétiques Forestières)

Represented by E. Collin (IRSTEA)

IRSTEA (Institut National de Recherches en Sciences et Technologies pour l'Environnement et l'Agriculture) - Nogent-sur-Vernisson

E. Collin

LBLGC (Laboratoire de Biologie des Ligneux et des Grandes Cultures, Université d'Orléans) - Olivet

S. Maury

LRSV (Laboratoire de Recherche en Sciences Végétales, Université de Toulouse) - Castanet Tolozan

F. Mounet

BIOGECO (UMR Biodiversité, Gènes et Communautés, INRA Bordeaux) - Pierroton

G. Le Provost

Pépinières et Laboratoire Michel Savy - Aussonne

M. Savy

Fibre Excellence R&D Kraft - Saint Gaudens

D. Lambrecq