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FCBA facilities (Cestas-Pierroton)


FCBA, campus Forêt-Bois de Pierroton, 71 Route d'Arcachon, 33610 Cestas

  • Ph: +33 (0)5 56 79 95 00 (reception, P. Poupeau)
  • J.-F. Trontin, Scientist in charge of XYLOBIOTECH activities
  • Fax: +33 (0)5 56 10 40 97
  • Email:

Access to the FCBA technical facility

Researchers and companies interested in using equipments and/or contract services proposed by XYLOBIOTECH may introduce a request indicating the work objectives, the plant material type, the number of plants or samples to be managed (or the required labs/greenhouse surface) as well as the desired timetable (beginning/end). A receipt of acknowledgement will be sent to the applicant at our earliest convenience as well as any request for additional information. A quotation will be sent within 2 weeks. A written agreement about safety imperatives and any access restrictions will be signed between FCBA and applicants. FCBA will handle the entrusted plant material in a fully confidential way and in complete accordance with current regulations.
Depending on the request, the access to XYLOBIOTECH equipments located at FCBA Pierroton is provided either as a full service or as a provision after minimal training by XYLOBIOTECH experts.

Business rate

It will be defined on a case-by-case basis. Total project cost basically includes set-up fees, any labor costs from FCBA Genetic & Biotechnology team devoted to lab/greenhouse assays, information and training of foreign users, consumable costs as well as a contribution to other general overheads and expenses. The set-up phase includes both writing of quotations and discussions with applicants/customers about upstream (e.g. request for additional information, preliminary assays) and downstream (e.g. reporting on data acquisition, plant/sample management) project management. Negotiated business rate may be defined for specific contracts between FCBA and customers or R&D project partnerships involving FCBA.

Equipments available at the FCBA XYLOBIOTECH facility

The FCBA site includes a controlled greenhouse with automatized management of climate, plant nutrition and watering. The greenhouse has 2 separated culture areas dedicated to either the culture of conventional plants or management of transgenic plants (S2 area) for functional genomic studies. The greenhouse is connected with the in vitro lab facility for cryopreservation, micropropagation, micrografting and other methods of reinvigoration for a number of forest tree species and also ornamentals. The lab has also a recognized expertise for clonal propagation through somatic embryogenesis of pine and spruce species.

Capacities of the FCBA technical facility

Experimental greenhouse for conventional, accurate plant culture: two compartments (83 m² each of ground surface) equipped with mobile benches 1.24 m x 3.05 m in size.

S2 greenhouse for GMO plant culture: 1 small compartment equipped with 3 mobile benches 1.24 m x 3.05 m dedicated to the culture of plantlets up to 25 cm in height and 1 large compartment for the long-term culture of potted plants up to 3.5 m in height (total surface: 70 m²).

In vitro culture rooms: in addition to several incubators and shakers of reduced capacity, the FCBA lab is equipped with a dark culture room dedicated to somatic embryogenesis and with 3 light culture rooms for multiplication, rooting and/or germination of vitroplants (micropropagation, micrografting, somatic embryogenesis). Two of the light culture rooms are opened to exterior users. They are equipped with a cooling system of the plant support area to avoid the formation of condensation inside the culture vessel (total useful area: 25 m²).

Cryopreservation facility: 37800 samples (2 ml cryotubes) in liquid and/or vapour phase.

  • Plant material samples can be sent under liquid nitrogen using specific guaranteed packaging (up to 500 samples, cost estimation on case by case basis, please inquire).
  • Static sample collections already established in other laboratories can be duplicated in our cryopreservation facility for long-term secured storage.
  • The following plant material can be cryopreserved, provided that a validated protocol is available for the considered species: pollen, embryogenic cultures for conifers, dormant buds (applicants are responsible for the effective bud dormancy), orthodox seeds, pre-established in vitro proliferating cultures from brodleaved trees.
  • The payment of associated costs for the maintenance in collection of cryopreserved plant material will be typically contracted with applicants for a period of 5 years starting one month after effective cryopreservation.
  • The costs associated with the preparation of in vitro cultures and samples suitable for cryopreservation, the reactivation of cryopreserved stocks and/or plant production from reactivated tissues will be specifically estimated.

Some examples of services and associated costs:

Set-up fees: minimum of 500 € without VAT

(responsive initial plant material to treatment)
Estimated cost
(Euros without VAT)

Establishment of an in vitro culture from one selected tree/clone (fresh explants)

743 €

Cryopreservation of one selected tree/clone from dormant buds (including one reactivation test)

640 €

Cryopreservation of one proliferating in vitro clonal culture of conifer somatic embryos

168 €

Storage of one cryopreserved culture
(per 2 ml cryotube and per year)

 1 € (additional management fees of 580 €)
Last update Monday 10 August 2020