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XYLOBIOTECH publications
Fraysse and Canlet (2017) - Scientific information article - Quality of maritime pine seedlings in forest nursery.


Management of the quality of maritime pine seedlings in forest nursery

FCBA Info, May 16, 2017, 5 pages (in French)

Fraysse J.-Y., Canlet F.

FCBA project with support from the Région Nouvelle Aquitaine, France
Implementation of XYLOBIOTECH equipments for plant management (greenhouse) and estimation of cold-hardiness through the method of electrolyte leakage (programmable freezer).


In contrast to natural regeneration, forest plantation allows foresters to manage new tree species, provenances and/or genetically improved varieties from genetic breeding programmes, that are better-adapted to expected, future pedoclimatic conditions. Such field plantations are often established in difficult environnemental conditions such as frost and/or drought-stress conditions, competition with wild companion plants and poor soils. These factors could greatly impact plant survival and growth. The control of plant quality in nursery is therefore a key issue for successful early establishment and growth of young seedlings in forest plantation.

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