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XYLOBIOTECH publications
Reymond et al. (2018) - Scientific information article - Eucalyptus micropropagation


Eucalyptus micropropagation : from in vitro introduction to rooting

FCBA Info, 26 août 2018, 6 p. http://fcba.fr/fcbainfo.

Reymond I, Canlet F, Harvengt L

Production FCBA

XYLOBIOTECH technical support :

In vitro culture


FCBA is breeding frost-tolerant eucalyptus adapted to continental French conditions for industrial biomass production, particularly for bioenergy and paper pulp production. The basis is the hybridization of special provenances selected from our own seed harvests in wild populations which are now mostly extinct. Only clonal propagation is able to deliver enough performance and suitable plant quantity, particularly because very specific genetic combinations are required while our varieties are poorly producing seeds. Efficient propagation of eucalyptus clones is optimized through the production of in vitro propagated plants which allow the recurrent renewal of stock plant used by commercial nurseries. This in vitro propagation proceeds through exponential multiplication under sterile conditions in the lab (tissue culture) then a rooting treatment provided just before the acclimatization of the plant material in a greenhouse just in time for the establishment of new stock plants ready for the optimal cutting production

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