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Publications XYLOBIOTECH
Miguel et al. (2016) - Article de synthèse - Marqueurs moléculaires et embryogenèse somatique des conifères


Impact of molecular studies on somatic embryogenesis development for implementation in conifer multi-varietal forestry

In: PARK Y.-S., BONGA J.M., MOON H.-K. (Eds), Vegetative Propagation of Forest trees. Korea Forest Research Institute, Seoul, Korea, pp. 373-421. Published online 05/03/2016,

Miguel CM, Rupps A, Raschke J, Rodrigues AS, Trontin JF

Collaboration IBET/ITQB-UNL (Portugal), Univ. Humboldt de Berlin (Allemagne), FCBA (coordination)


Somatic embryogenesis coupled with cryoprerservation has clear implications for the implementation of multivarietal or clonal plantation forestry in conifers. For such an applied plan, there are however strong requirements for high performance of the process from initiation of embryogenic tissue to the production of somatic embryo and plants with the quality standard of seedlings. The tedious trial and error strategy currently in use to develop somatic embryogenesis in conifers is thought to greatly benefit from accumulating targeted molecular studies of embryogenesis-related candidate genes and from the more recent development of genome-wide “omics” studies. Did this complex and still fragmented dataset already result in new knowledge of practical importance for delivering accurate molecular markers or new tools to refine somatic embryogenesis protocols? We reviewed the impact of molecular studies with (epi)genetic issues to demonstrate the embryogenic state (embryogenecity) of initiated lines, to check for (epi)somaclonal variation during the whole process and to assess the regenerative capacity (maturation ability) of propagated embryogenic lines. We further highlighted a few studies with some practical outcomes to stimulate embryogenecity and maturation ability in conifers.

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